Airports in Saudi

Airport sector in Saudi (released by Holland Gulf Chamber of Commerce in 2010)

The coming years Saudi Arabia will spend billions on the development and expansion of many regional and international airports around the country. The busiest airport in the country, King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah will be upgraded for $11.3 billion. The major international airport in Riyadh, KKIA, is also being upgraded. Medina airport, which is still a regional airport, will spend $6 billion to upgrade to an international airport. Furthermore, 14 of the 24 regional airports will be expanded. The design of KKIA and the masterplanning of KAIA and the regional airports is being carried out by NACO. These massive developments provide great opportunities for suppliers of equipments, systems and services for the fitting out of airports, as well as products for its construction.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Gulf with a population of 28.7 million inhabitants. It has 3 international and 24 regional airports. One of the biggest priorities for the coming years defined by the government is the development of high-quality airport infrastructure.

Three major international airports in Saudi Arabia’s will be upgraded and a fourth international airport is in the making. The development of ‘airport cities’ will be a guiding principe in these projects. Commercial and conference centers, hotels, and service companies come together in this concept. In addition, another 14 regional airports will be upgraded. The Dutch company NACO has been involved with developing master plans for most of these airports.

• King Khaled International Airport (KKIA), Riyad
KKIA is the gateway to the largest city in the country: Riyadh. The airport will be transformed to allow 40 million a year in 2038. The masterplan has been delivered by NACO. The detailed design is currently being made by NACO. 

• King Abdul Aziz International Airport (KAIA), Jeddah
The KAIA expansion project consists of new terminals, new commercial, logistics and cargo facilities, runways and adaptation to the Airbus A380. The expansion is valued at $11.3 billion. The masterplan of this project has been delivered by NACO.

• Prince Mohammad Bin Abdul Aziz Airport, Medina
The regional airport in Medina will be upgraded to an international airport. This plan is part of the new Knowledge Economic City project, east of Medina. The project budget is estimated at $6 billion. 

Regional Airports

Of the 24 regional airports, 14 airports are being expanded. For this massive project NACO is providing the masterplans. Also two new airports are being constructed.

• Prince Taif Domestic Airport Development
In the province of Taif a completely new airport will be built of 57 square kilometers. A $500 million budget is available for this development. 

• Prince Abdulmajeed Airport in Al Ola
A smaller project is the Prince Abdulmajeed Airport. This new airport has a planned capacity of 100,000 passengers per year, for both tourists and locals. 


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