SR 3.6 bn approved to boost water, sewage projects

The Ministry of Water and Electricity has approved SR 3.6 billion for the implementation of different development projects in the Riyadh region, according to local media sources.

The projects include design and implementation of water and sewage projects in the region at a total cost of SR 300 million, Dharma, Muzahmiyya and Quwiayyah Provinces at SR 150 million, and a water transport project for the Kharj Province estimated at SR 150 million.

Other projects include water and sewage projects in the capital at a cost of SR 400 million, in addition to the boosting of water resources in the city through phases A, B and C, which will cost SR 1.6 billion. This is in addition to a water provision and transport project from the Riyadh-based Saad Wells quoted at SR 678 million and the completion of a project on the re-use of treated wastewater priced at SR 220 million.

In other news, some SR 1.5 billion was allocated for the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) budget for the implementation of new feeding lines in the capital.

It is to be noted that 128 contracts were awarded for the operation and maintenance of a series of existing water and sewage projects in the Riyadh region during the financial year 1433-1434 at a total cost of SR 4.30 billion.