Health sector gets a big boost

RIYADH – Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah has approved allocation of more than SR15 billion to establish 22 medical projects in various regions of the Kingdom.


These projects include 19 medical complexes and hospitals with a total of 7,400 beds as well as three centers for child behavioral and growth disorders. These centers are the first of their kind in the Kingdom where children with autism and hyperactivity will be given the best health and curative care, said Minister of Health Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah.

In a statement to Saudi Press Agency, the minister said that the King’s directives included expropriation of a number of plots of land to establish health projects, besides approval to implement several development schemes at MOH facilities.

According to Al-Rabeeah, King Abdullah’s directives include approval for the following hospital projects: 200-bed hospitals in Raniya and Al-Khurma in Makkah region, 500-bed hospital in Qunfuda in Makkah region, 400-bed Maternity and Children’s Hosptial in Madinah, 200-bed hospital in Badar region, 300-bed hospitals in Majma and Sharoura region, 300-bed Mountain Sector Hospital in Jazan, 200-bed Maternity and Children’s Hospital in Mahayil Asir, 500-bed hospitals each in Qatif, Al-Hassa, Khamees Mushayt, and west of Dammam, 1000-bed medical complexes in Riyadh and Jeddah, 300-bed Al-Qahma and Al-Barak Hospital in Asir, 100-bed Turba Hospital in Makkah region, and 200-bed hospitals in Al-Mahad in Madinah region and east of Asir.

All these hospitals will have accommodation for the staff except the hospital in Badar region, the minister said.

Al-Rabeeah said the King has also directed to establish three centers for child behavioral and growth disorders in Riyadh and Makkah regions as well as in the Eastern Province.

King Abdullah instructed to expedite expropriation of land to start implementation of some vital projects such as medical tower for maternity and pediatrics in Jeddah, medical tower at the Jeddah Eye Hospital, and Children’s Hospital in Taif. The ministry has also been directed to speed up the procedures, in coordination with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, for the allotment of land for the 500-bed Prince Sultan Emergency Hospital and 15 sites for comprehensive clinics in Riyadh city, allocation of a portion of land allotted to King Abdullah Gardens with an area of 400,000 square meters to establish a 500-bed hospital in west Riyadh, besides allocation of land near Prince Muhammad Hospital in east Riyadh to establish Al-Yamama Maternity and Children’s Hospital and that was in coordination with the Ministry of Education.

The Royal directives include expropriation of land in Qatif to establish Maternity and Children’s Hospital and buying of land to build mental health hospital in Riyadh.

The King also approved SR1 billion to meet the requirements with regard to construction of primary health centers for which appropriations were made in the ministry’s budget.

Al-Rabeeah said King Abdullah approved new criteria for operation of hospitals which will come into force in a phased manner in coordination with the Ministry of Finance.

He also accorded sanction to establish Health Investments Company, which is to be owned by the Public Investment Fund.

Details of the company, including its economic feasibility, goals, activities, and working mechanism will be worked out on an urgent basis by the ministry and the Fund.