Bavaria’s 0% drink now in Saudi Arabia

JEDDAH — Dutch brand Bavaria’s 0.00% non-alcoholic malt drink is now available in the Kingdom, with the brand formally launching the drink at a function held at Park Hyatt Hotel recently. The brand has also launched a communication campaign specific to the country, and has begun distributing the drink in local grocery stores.

Peer Swinkles, board member of Bavaria, explained that the brand boasts to be a genuinely non-alcoholic drink due to its unique brewing methods, developed in the 1970s. He said: “While many brands evaporate the alcohol out of their products to make it non-alcoholic, we never let alcohol into our product in any form.”
“In addition, Bavaria is one of few brewers to use its own certified natural spring water. More than 10,000 years ago, this water fell in the Ardennes and the Eiffel, as a result of which the grounds of our brewery are now a source of pure, crystal-clear and naturally purified water. And that’s something we are very proud of,” added Swinkles. The launch of the drink began with guests being walked through a kind of ‘before and after’ display. In the before section, workers in offices were shown to be tired and out of zest before consuming Bavaria. However, after consuming the drink, they were shown to be happier and more full of life.
Hussam Edgahim, General Manager at GTC Olayan, explained that the ‘after’ section was an enactment of one’s state of mind after drinking Bavaria. He added that the brand Bavaria was introduced in the Kingdom after conducting extensive studies about the taste and its suitability to the region.
Olayan is the official distributor for the drink in KSA. On bringing the brand to KSA, Bavaria representatives explained that rather than connecting with the country on simply on export/import basis. “We are also seeing this business venture as a series of investments in the country, which can open up opportunities for trade and employment within the region,” said Swinkles.

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