Jeddah to be one of the finest cities

JEDDAH –  Governor Prince Mishal Bin Majed claimed that Jeddah will become one of the finest cities in the world in terms of performance and efficiency. “One day will come when all the citizens will get municipal services online without approaching the mayoralty in person. All officials are directly responsible with regard to serving the citizens and the city,” he said.

Speaking to reporters after visiting the mayoralty headquarters on Tuesday, Prince Mishal urged the mayoralty employees to interact with the public with full transparency and meet their requirements without any hassles and within a short span of time.

The governor underscored the need for stepping up efforts and strengthening cooperation among major sections and branches of the mayoralty in improving the services extended to the citizens.

“The mayoralty is a major government machinery that shoulders great responsibility concerning the citizens and extending them the best services in various fields including keeping the city clean and tidy and ensuring proper operation and maintenance of roads, bridges, tunnels and pavements. Keeping the city clean is a major task, which is being fulfilled by the mayoralty,” he said.

According to Prince Mishal, the mayoralty is exerting all efforts to perform this duty and has made big budgetary allocations for the purpose.

“The mayoralty has divided the city into nine regions and awarded cleaning and waste disposal contracts to several companies.” The governor thanked Mayor Hani Abu Ras and other officials for their role in sincerely serving the citizens.

Abu Ras said the governor was briefed on the ambitious project of “Heart of Jeddah” which will be developed on a total area covering one million sq. meters. “This will be one of the gigantic eco-friendly projects consisting of transportation network, infrastructure and service projects,” he said adding that this will be one of the best examples of public-private partnership and cooperation in development.