Saudi Arabia: Demand for engineers is on the increase

The demand for engineers in Saudi Arabia is increasing in the wake of multi-billion-riyal projects in the economic, infrastructure, healthcare and educational development domains being implemented in the Kingdom.

Gilles Cormier, acting dean of the College of Engineering at Al-Faisal University, told Arab News that many local projects are being supervised by foreign engineers. “We target Saudi students in engineering, but there are not enough Saudi engineering graduates for the job market,” he said.
He said that engineering is a multi-disciplinary field that provides tremendous edge in the job market. “The demand for engineers in Saudi Arabia has increased and many companies are looking for good engineers,” he said.
Cormier said that engineering jobs are now evolving in the Kingdom to provide digital innovation across industries. Saudis need more education before being put to face to actual challenges of being engineers.
“Al-Faisal University also offers five undergraduate engineering programs, including architectural, electrical, industrial, mechanical and software engineering, which are highly demanded in the Saudi market,” he added.
He said that members of Al-Faisal University, who work for some of the most prominent companies and government organizations, provide valuable input to the students to ensure that local market needs are met.