Gammon Group set to build mega city in Rabigh

Gammon Group will begin work on a SR10.9 billion new mega city project in Rabigh, including an advanced hospital, a petrochemical plant and residential villas, soon after Ramadan, said Mohammed Rafik, chairman of the group.
Rafik said the project would cover an area of 20 million square meters. “Our group will design, finance and build the new city,” he said, adding that it would be completed in nine years.
“The project includes a complete modern medical city to cater for the growing population and will include medical training facilities,” Rafik said, adding that it would create jobs for more than 3,000 Saudi nationals.
The iftar party was attended by Dr. Fahd Al-Hudali, chief editor of Lisan Al-Arab magazine, Dr. Faiz Al-Abideen, Sheikh A.P. Aboobacker Musliyar, general secretary of All-India Sunni Jameyyat Al-Ulema, and Bashirali Shihab Thangal and a large number of Saudi and Indian businessmen and business executives.
Speaking at the Jeddah Hilton, Al-Hudali highlighted the strong economic and political relations between Saudi Arabia and India. “Gammon has been playing a big role in promoting Saudi-Indian economic ties,” he said.
He congratulated the Arab and Islamic Ummah on the advent of Eid Al-Fitr and wished the Eid would bring greater progress and prosperity to the Muslim Ummah. He commended the efforts of Sheikh Aboobacker in spreading the message of Islam in India.
Sheikh Aboobacker urged Muslims in India and other parts of the world to work for promoting world peace and stability. “We can achieve progress only through cooperation and peaceful coexistence of different faith communities.”
He also called for greater efforts to support the poor and solve their problems.
“Our Eid is different from other religious festivals. By celebrating Eid Al-Fitr, we mark the completion of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, engaging in various good deeds, improving our family and friendly relations and helping the poor and needy,” he said.