Makkah Gate to be built in 20 years

The structural plan for the Makkah Gate project that was recently approved by Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal will be implemented in four stages over 20 years, said Osama Al-Bar, Makkah mayor and chairman of the board of directors at the Makkah Gate Company.
He said that 70 percent of the project is located inside the borders of the Grand Mosque.
“The strategy of the project will allocate a series of places to be developed independently in phases,” he added.
“The infrastructure network proposed is proportional to the phases of development and is in accordance with a development plan that extends between 15 to 20 years, five years being allocated for each phase,” said Al-Bar.
Spokesman Issam Kolthoum said that the properties conform to 10 percent of the area to be developed, with owners from different parties such as the Ministry of Finance and other individuals in the loop.”
Very small properties, he added, as well as a number of infringements, will not hinder the progress of the project and insure the lawful rights of their owners.
Kolthoum said the project includes a location for Makkah National Park designed in harmony with the natural features and landscapes of the area.
“The projects pays much heed to consistency of the geological conformation with the facilities and their use,” added Kolthoum.
Once completed, the project will accommodate 1,000 visitors who will enjoy 40 different activities, including more than 300 campsites, 30 kilometers of long pedestrian lanes, sports locations, a children’s park, places for rest and services.