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Energy efficiency can save SR 7 bn annually

Ventilation and air-conditioning has been identified as the highest energy consumer in Saudi Arabia with the summer months showing extraordinary high usage. “Air-conditioned buildings account for 70 percent of power consumption during this period,” said Minister of Water and Electricity (MOW&E) Abdullah Al Hussein citing a study. The minister spoke at the opening of the […]

Huge potential to exploit solar energy, says study

With every square kilometre of land in Qatar receiving solar energy equivalent to 1.5mn barrels of crude oil in a year, Qatar is geographically well positioned to exploit significant solar energy, hence should consider setting up concentrated solar power (CSP) plants, according to top officials of Qatar Petroleum ( QP ). “With an average daily sunshine time exceeding 9.5 […]

Biggest solar plant ‘a Saudi milestone’

Saudi Arabia has completed its biggest ground-mounted photovoltaic plant as the Kingdom seeks to generate a third of its electricity with energy from the sun by 2032. Germany’s Phoenix Solar AG (PS4) developed the 3.5-MW plant in Riyadh that uses 12,684 panels from China’s Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. (STP) and inverters from SMA Solar […]

Saudi Arabia leads GCC with 148 power projects

Rising oil and gas prices combined with increasing domestic power requirements are prompting governments across the GCC to increase investments in the power and water sector, as well as secure alternative sources of energy. Installed generating capacity in the GCC is forecasted to reach 170,000MW by 2019, according to the latest data from MEED Insight. […]

Gulf energy sources: Heat is on desert states to switch to renewables

Saudi Arabia plans for solar power to deliver a third of its domestic energy needs by 2032, the most ambitious of a series of efforts across hydrocarbon-hungry Gulf states to promote renewable resources. While questions remain over whether some green initiatives announced in the region are more about public relations than serious intent, a number […]