Expansion of hospital beds planned

The Health Services Council will implement various health plan components over the next five years in every region of the Kingdom. This project is an initiative of the National Center for Health Information, whose establishment the Cabinet recently approved. The plans would increase the clinical capacity of public hospitals by 60 percent in many regions, while making sure that each region has its own health scheme regarding the adjustment in the number and quality of hospital beds.

Field surveys indicated that Riyadh and Jeddah are most in need of an increase in hospital beds. The National Center for Health Information will be linked with the Health Services Council and will be connected with the Ministry of Health, medical services in the military, university hospitals, and other related institutions. The center will be the main institution for the provision, organization and exchange of information among health bodies.

It will create a unified electronic health file for each patient by electronically linking medical records in various health sectors, including hospitals and community health centers. The center will collect and set up research data on common diseases and epidemics in coordination with relevant authorities.