Yearly Archives: 2012

King orders two medical cities for Riyadh, Jeddah

JEDDAH: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah has ordered the construction of two medical cities in Riyadh and Jeddah under the Ministry of Interior, Interior Minister Prince Muhammad bin Naif announced yesterday. “King Abdullah’s gesture reflects his care for the security officers and their families,” the minister said, adding that the two medical […]

Expansion of hospital beds planned

The Health Services Council will implement various health plan components over the next five years in every region of the Kingdom. This project is an initiative of the National Center for Health Information, whose establishment the Cabinet recently approved. The plans would increase the clinical capacity of public hospitals by 60 percent in many regions, […]

Gulf energy sources: Heat is on desert states to switch to renewables

Saudi Arabia plans for solar power to deliver a third of its domestic energy needs by 2032, the most ambitious of a series of efforts across hydrocarbon-hungry Gulf states to promote renewable resources. While questions remain over whether some green initiatives announced in the region are more about public relations than serious intent, a number […]

Saudis to award Jubail-Dammam rail contracts this year

RIYADH – Saudi Arabia is expected to award contracts for construction of the planned 115-km (72-mile) rail link between its industrial city of Jubail and Dammam before the end of 2012, a senior Saudi Railway Company (SAR) official said on Tuesday. “Bids were received and they are under evaluation. The project will be awarded before […]

Uw ervaringen met zakendoen in de Golfregio

Zoals u wellicht weet worden in de Golfstaten de komende jaren vele miljarden geinvesteerd in de opbouw en uitbreiding van infrastructuur, vastgoed, onderwijs en gezondheidszorg. Dit biedt goede kansen voor Nederlandse bedrijven. Wij merken echter dat veel ondernemers deze markt niet willen betreden of hier grote moeite mee hebben. De Holland Gulf Chamber of Commerce […]

Saudi standards too high for leaving Chinese contractors

DAMMAM – A number of Chinese contracting companies have pulled out of the Saudi construction market and quit government and private construction projects they had taken up due to high local specifications and standards, a local daily reported Thursday. The Dammam-based Al-Yaum newspaper said a number of Chinese contractors were facing difficulties executing construction projects in accordance […]

High-level handelsmissie naar Saudi-Arabië voor infrastructuur, mobiliteit en verkeerstechnologie. 11 t/m 13 juni 2012

Het Koninkrijk Saudi-Arabië is het grootste land van de Golfregio, met een bevolking van 28,7 miljoen inwoners. De helft van die bevolking is onder de 25. Daarom is één van de topprioriteiten voor de Saudische overheid het ontwikkelen van hoogwaardige infrastructuur om de snelle bevolkingsgroei en groeiende industrie te kunnen accommoderen. De investeringen in nieuwe […]

High-level handelsmissie naar Saudi-Arabië voor ziekenhuisbouw, medische systemen en -diensten 3 t/m 5 juni 2012

Saudi-Arabië investeert miljarden euro´s in de ontwikkeling van haar medische infrastructuur. Hiermee wil de Saudische overheid de forse bevolkingsgroei en vraag naar betere medische faciliteiten accomoderen. De overheid heeft een ambitieus 5-jarige ontwikkelingsplan goedgekeurd ter waarde van €14 miljard. Dit plan omvat onder andere de bouw van 121 nieuwe ziekenhuizen en de opwaardering van 66 […]

Saudi Arabia sets down major transport plan

Source: ConstructionWeekOnline KSA’s Council of Ministers has agreed on a new transport system that is designed to ease congestion in the Kingdom’s major cities, improve public transport and spur economic and social development. The plan will be rolled out in stages and will begin in Riyadh with new buses and trains. Details of the project […]